Regular safety drills underpin our emergency preparedness
Improving our safety standards through constant training
Safety is our priority
Transfering passanger
Mitigating risks through high safety awareness
Daily toolbox briefings improve communication lines
Equipped to serve!
Briefings and risk assessments are carried out prior to work
Certified with the Integrated Management System by Lloyd's Register
Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment

Our goal is to strengthen long term sustainability to be a leading operator of marine vessels for energy industry. We create our value of integrity working in such high risk operation that we put our commitment to eliminate occupational illnesses and injuries of people works within and outside company’s premises.


We strive to work in an environmental friendly preventing environmental damage and pollution in our operation.

Our Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy is developed to emphasize each and everyone in the company including sub-contractors of the utmost rule in the company for a stringent compliance.

We commit to eliminate risks and continually improve our performance on:
  • Occupational Health by promoting industrial hygiene, shore staff and crew medical assessment, free substance abuse.
  • Safety by encouraging people on behavior base safety, promoting on reporting of unsafe practices and Stop Work Authority, safety drill, safety awareness, and training.
  • Environment by reducing or delivering efficient resource use and preventing pollution.

We continue the process of enhancing the system in compliance with legislation, Codes and Practices, as well as Standards that drive our contribution to sustainable development.