Type of Vessel

Wintermar Offshore Marine supports upstream activities of offshore oil and gas companies in exploration and development during production and post production stages. We provide this support by providing oil rigs with crew changes, towing, movement of supplies, fire fighting, emergency rescue, rig moves, anchor handling and oil storage. As operators of a variety of specialized vessels and with a present fleet size of around 65 vessels and more in the pipeline, we can cater to the wide ranging needs of oil and gas companies.

Platform Supply Vessel Anchor Handling Tug Supply Anchor Handling Tug
Transportation of liquid products and deck cargo utilizing large deck areas and bulk capacities under deck. These vessels can carry other equipment for drilling rigs, drillship and other platform support. Usually has DP1/DP2 to allow them to sit near rigs or platforms.
Towing, anchor handling, barge support, FPSO support, moving and positioning drilling rigs transporting supplies and supporting drilling rig activities. These vessels also provide standby work and have firefighting capability.
Tows barges and equipped with a winch capacity to pick up and reposition barge anchors. Usually work in the offshore construction sector.
Fast Utility Vessel Fast Multi Purpose Supply Vessel
Movement of personnel to and from the offshore field at high speeds. These vessels have aluminum hulls. These vessels are equipped with comfortable reclining seats and have space for deck cargo on the back deck.
Specially designed to transport passengers and materials, these vessels have a large carrying capacity for materials, fuel and water, can reach speeds of above 30 knots, and equipped with FIFI 1, towing capability, Dynamic Positioning, as well as ERRV, which save clients money in their logistic operations.
Utility Vessel Heavy Load Deck Barge Tug Boat
Multi-purpose vessels for the transportation of supplies to and from offshore oil platforms. They can also perform a standby emergency function.
Transportation of goods and cargo operations with ballastable tanks and heavy load deck strength.
Conventional tugs to tow and push other barges through rivers, canals and open sea.