Corporate Social Responsibility

Clean Up Day

The Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy addresses Environmental Preservation & Social Awareness and aims to create a sense of responsibility towards the society and community, based on the foundation of integrity to build people who care for one another and the environment.


The implementation of the Company’s social and environmental responsibility programs covers four areas focused on the:


Apart from the Company’s internal programs and performance policies that aim to minimize the impact of the Company’s business on the environment such as the Effluents & Waste Reduction Program, Emission Reduction Program, Energy Efficiency Program, Compliance of the Company Operational Provisions for Biodiversity Conservation and environmental certification based on MARPOL, the Company also implements various types of environmental CSR programs externally, namely Clean Up Day activity.


Since 2013, the Company has carried out several environmental programs in Karawang.  Past programs included Action for Mangroves where the employees planted mangroves on the coast to help prevent erosion. The Company also conducts a  Clean Up Day Program that held in different locations, and  the implementation of this program is targeted for 2 times each year.


In this Program, the Company together with employees who have joined as volunteers work together to clean up the environment around the Company’s offices or other areas determined periodically by the Company. In 2019, the Company held a Clean Up Day on the coast of Karawang and at this activity the Company educated the public about the importance of reducing plastic waste and sorting organic and inorganic waste for the environment, especially our oceans.

Labour, Occupational Health and Safety Practices

The Company has policies and programs related to Labor, Occupational Health and Safety Practices which aim to provide a work environment that supports the best performance of Company’s employee and crew.


In Labour Practices, the Company has a performance appraisal system and career development, training and education, remuneration, fulfillment of the welfare of ground employees and crew members, as well as a mechanism for complaints about internal employee problems.


Meanwhile, in Occupational Health, the Company has a medical check-up program, provides facilities and subsidies for sports activities and actively carries out campaigns for physical and mental health for all employees and crew of the Company.


To promote a  Safe Working Environment, the Company has a WINS Integrated Safety Program which includes Leadership Visits, Life Saving Rules, Reflective Videos, Safety Pyramid, Learning Engagement Tools. Apart from that, there is also a Work Control System which includes Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Determining Control, Environmental & Aspect Impact (HIRADC-EAI), Permit to work, Toolbox Talk, Safety Observation Card, Procedure Improvement Notice (PIN), Incident Investigation. and Learning Form Incident (LFI), Stop Work Authority, Safety Indicator Monitoring System, Implementaion of Continuous Evaluation and Improvement and 12 Life Saving Rules.

Social and Community Development

The Company is committed to contributing positively to society. To help achieve this aim,  the Company provides a platform for employees to be actively involved in these contributionsThere are several social and community development programs.


The Wintermar Sustainability Strategy states the Company’s goal to train and develop better quality of Indonesian seafarers as well as to establish a strong anti corruption culture.  These are followed through in the  Human Resource Development and Local HR Recruitment which includes the Papuan Development Program, Electro Technical Officer Program and Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) Program, all of which aim to develop society by creating higher quality of Indonesian human resources.


In addition, to establish an anti corruption culture, the Company also carries out Educational Development for the community through the sahabatWINS community, where the main mission is to instill the value of integrity and quality in the children of employees and crew members as a contribution in preparing prospective future Indonesian leaders. sahabatWINS programs include Full Marine Cadet Scholarship, Education Enrichment Fund, College Assistance Fund, sahabatWINS Field Trip and sahabatWINS Career Talk.


In its contribution to the wider community, the Company also actively carries out Social Activities and Donations, including  an annual Wintermar Blood Donation Drive, Donations for disaster relief, Book donations and visits to PAUD Bina Bahari in Karawang, as well as participating in association social events of INSA (Indonesian National Shipowners Association).

Service Quality Responsibility

Service Quality Responsibility has been carried out by the Company  through compliance with the ISO 9001: 2008 standard for Quality Management System since 2011, followed by quality management Programs and initiatives.  These include the compliance with ofISM Code (International Safety Management Code), ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code), Vendor Evaluation procedures and regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

To carry out CSR activities, the Company annually allocates a budget at the beginning of every year for the various activities throughout the year. There are no fixed costs for CSR activities for every year. Annual expenditure for CSR activities can be found in the Company’s Financial Statements and Annual Reports