Vision, Mission and Core Value



To be the leading operator of marine vessels for the energy industry in South East Asia.


To provide high quality marine support services through development and implementation of innovative solutions with strong commitment to safety.

To achieve the highest standards of professional conduct, through integrity, quality, teamwork and efficiency and to ensure long term sustainability benefiting all stakeholders.

Core Value



Company’s Culture is rooted in one simple Core Value—Integrity, which aims to transform the minds and behaviour of personnel to achieve the attributes expected under the Company. This Core Value governs the actions of all personnel in 3 main focus areas: Integrity of People, Integrity of Fleet/Vessels and Integrity of our Services. Integrity training helps to transform the minds and behaviour of personnel to achieve the attributes expected under the Company Policies and Ethical Code.

Ethical Code

The WINS Ethical Code was established to set rules and requirements to define acceptable and unacceptable practices, which guide the conduct of personnel in business practices, communities and the internal corporate environment. This Code is also vital to support the Company’s value of Integrity and Anti-Corruption Practices Policy and it is applicable to personnel at all levels of hierarchy including crew, office staff, managers, BOD and BOC. The Ethical Code applies not only within the Company’s working environment, but the principles are enforced in every operational area of our business. It also includes guidelines as to how to behave ethically in relations with fellow personnel in the Company, clients, charterers, suppliers, vendors, contractors, insurance agents, shipyards, class bureau, consultants, bankers and other third parties that the Company may be in business with. Ethical behaviour must be an integral part of the duty of every personnel. The Company takes a serious view to ensure that the values embodied in this Code are implemented in practice. Disciplinary actions, which may include termination of employment, will be taken for any serious violation of the Code or prevailing laws and regulations.