Offshore Marine Solutions


Oil Spill Drill - Deploying RO Boom

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Offering logistical solutions to the highly demanding needs of the offshore industry


Firefighting capabilities


Vessel designed for comfort with utility


Wintermar provides high quality marine support with a strong commitment to safety

Transfering passanger

Wintermar develops human capital potential through training programs

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Performing Buoy Pick Up
Wintermar strives to innovate to provide the best services. In the increasingly
competitive global oil and gas industry, creativity is key to taking hold of available
opportunities. The Company's fleet is developed to anticipate and cater to the
needs of our clients with the aim to exceed client's expectation. This reinforces
Wintermar's position as a leading offshore supply service provider in Indonesia.

Rig Move and Anchor Handling

Wintermar has extensive experience
towing rigs, from jack-ups to floating
units. Vessels and crew have the
technology and expertise required to
handle both short-distance and longdistance
tows. The Company provides
anchor handling solutions for a variety
of needs.



Crew Change and Rig Supply

Wintermar’s diverse fleet of supply
vessels is capable of supporting rigs in
various water depths by transporting
equipment, chemicals, personnel
and other needs. Speed and safety
are essential as offshore personnel
travel often to and from shorebase
to offshore rigs on the Company’s
Crewboats and Fast Utility Vessels.



Fire Fighting and Emergency Rescue

Wintermar’s vessels come equipped
with advanced firefighting capabilities.
The fleet is equipped and prepared to
respond to any emergency situations
with vessels certified to FiFi and ERRV



Air Diving and ROV Support

Wintermar has DP2 Vessels with
capability to support air diving and
ROV Operations suitable for subsea




Pipe Tailing Support

The Company’s vessels fitted with
DP2 capability and anchor handling
technology can support offshore
subsea construction by using anchor
handling equipment to tow out and
retrieve pipelines from the sea bed.



Seismic Survey Support

Wintermar has experience in
supporting seismic surveys using
modified DP2 Platform Supply Vessels
(fitted with seismic gun) with a fleet
of supporting supply vessels.