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Offshore Marine Solutions

Wintermar offers a comprehensive range of services, including vessel chartering, ship management, crew management, and other support services tailored to the needs of the offshore oil and gas industry and beyond. The Company's dedication to service quality, safety, and environmental preservation ensures it remains a trusted partner for its clients.
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Rig Move and Anchor Handling

Our vessels and crew have technology and expertise required to handle both short-distance and long-distance tows. The Company provides anchor handling solutions for a variety of needs.

Crew Transport and Rig Supply

Wintermar's diverse fleet of supply vessels is capable of supporting rigs in various water depths by transporting equipment, chemicals, personnel and other needs. Speed and safety are essential as offshore personnel travel often to and from shore-base to offshore rigs on the Company's Fast Utility Vessels.

Pipe Tailing Support

The Company’s vessels fitted with DP2 capability and anchor handling technology can support offshore subsea construction by using anchor handling equipment to tow out and retrieve pipelines from the seabed.

Air Diving and ROV Support

Wintermar has DP2 Vessels with capability to support air diving and Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) operations suitable for subsea.

Fire Fighting and Emergency Rescue

Wintermar’s vessels come equipped with advanced firefighting capabilities. The fleet is equipped and prepared to respond to any emergency situations with vessels certified to FIFI and ERRV standards.

Harbour Towage Services

Wintermar operates harbour tugs supporting berthing and unberthing of ocean going vessels calling at port. Our vessels, fitted with Azimuth Stern Drive propulsion are on standby 24 hours to serve the needs of our port customers.

Cable Laying Support

Wintermar's DP2 Vessels have been engaged in providing ROV support for the inspection and observation duties for optic cable laying in the telecommunications industry.

Seismic Survey Support

Wintermar has experience in supporting seismic surveys using modified DP2 Platform Supply Vessels (fitted with seismic gun) with a fleet of supporting supply vessels.

Supporting Offshore Windfarm Installation

Wintermar's heavy load ballastable barges have the deck and load capability to support the needs of offshore windfarm installation.

Owned Vessel Division

We own and operate a diversified fleet of Offshore Support Vessels providing marketing, ship management and technical services for our own fleet.

Chartering Division

Leveraging on our expertise and market knowledge, we also tender for work using third party vessels, providing QHSE support where needed.

Ship Management and Other Services

Our Ship Management team offers ship management services for third party ship owners, incorporating crewing, technical and maintenance, operations, and agency services. We may also hold the marketing rights to these vessels under our management.

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Leading Companies Trust Our Services

Global Reach, Ongoing Expansion

Wintermar goes where our clients need us. With a strong presence in Southeast Asia and certain key markets, we have operating expertise across a wide geographical area.




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