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PT Wintermar Offshore Marine Tbk received two (2) awards in the Investor Magazine’s Best Listed Company 2014 Awards ceremony on Thursday, 8 May 2014:

2) NOMINEE FOR TOP PERFORMING LISTED COMPANY WITH MARKET CAP BELOW RP10TRILLION (WINS came in third out of 110 selected listed companies in the stock exchange with below Rp10trillion market capitalization).

The awards were given out in a ceremony, after companies were analysed by a jury of capital market professionals, using company performance and stock performance, investor polling and an interview with the director to rank the companies. Some of the criteria include consistency, financial performance, strategy, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility.

WINS Revenue from Owned Vessels increased by 10% YOY to USD 82.8million for 9M2014 due to new vessel additions. Gross profit for the nine months rose to USD 46.5million (+6%YOY) and EBITDA amounted to USD 56.2 million.

The latest Public Expose material - 5 June 2014

The latest Financial Report and Financial Highlights

As part of our fleet renewal program and divesting from lower valued tonnages, we have some well maintained good tonnages for sale. Click on the button below to view our vessels for sale.

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