Occupational Health and Safety

Clean Up Day

Wintermar aims to provide a healthy working environment as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle and strong safety culture so that all crew and onshore staff can maintain good health and work safely.



Wintermar is fully committed to improving safety in all work areas through the implementation of an occupational health and safety management system that is in compliance with the requirements of OHSAS 18001: 2007. This covers all employees on shore as well as crew on board our fleet of vessels. The Company’s commitment to create a safety work culture is enshrined in the Company’s safety slogan “You and I will Go Home Safely” which encourages each individual to prioritise the safety of themselves and others for the sake of their families.

Wintermar Integrated Safety Program

  • In achieving the highest safety performance, Wintermar implemented the Wins Integrated Safety Program
wins isp

Safety Pyramid

An information board on ship safety performance

safety pyramid

12 Life saving Rules

The Company has identified 12 common hazards which have been developed into one of the elements of our WINS Integrated Safety Program called the 12 Life Saving Rules. These 12 Life Saving Rules seek to eliminate, control or minimise these common hazards to enhance occupational health and safety.

12 life saving