Offshore Marine Solutions

Wintermar has a wide variety of specialized vessels built to support the oil & gas industry.

Wintermar Offshore Marine provides marine services to support all types of offshore operations while offering innovative vessel and logistical solutions to its clients. We cater to offshore oil and gas upstream activities, from exploration through development, and production to post-production operations. While meeting our long-term contracts, we also have vessels ready and on-call for short-term and spot charters.


Wintermar Offshore Marine currently operates over 70 vessels, capable of handling a wide variety of jobs. With an average vessel age of just 8 years, supplemented by on-going expansion, our fleet is currently the most technologically sophisticated in the Indonesian-flagged offshore sector.


Our fleet is now made up of:


• Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)

• Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels

• Fast Multi-purpose Supply Vessels (FMSV)

• Diving Support Vessels

• Anchor Handling Tug (AHT) vessels

• Fast Utility Vessels

• ASD Tugs

• Utility Vessels

• Crew Boats

• Landing Craft

• Heavy Load Deck Barges

• Oil Barges

• Tugs & Barges


Specific Services Provided

Wintermar Offshore Marine offers a large variety of marine logistic solutions, reflecting the needs of clients. Many of our vessels are designed to serve more than one purpose, thus providing cost effectiveness for clients by reducing the number of vessels required. The following list offers a sample of key services provided:


  • Supporting drilling rigs with:
    • crew transfers
    • towing
    • supply runs
    • oil storage
  • Rig moves
  • Anchor handling
  • Fire fighting
  • Emergency rescue
  • Diving support


Special Features

Advanced IT systems are integrated into our operations. Fleet movements are tracked by satellite systems and monitored real time by our shore based vessel teams, while vessel inventory and maintenance are controlled by specialised ship management software interfacing onshore and offshore operations. All vessels are constantly monitored to ensure that unexpected events are minimized. Routine check procedures, based on global standards and accreditations, include:


  • Vessel inspections as per IMCA standard
  • Regular vessel visits
  • Internal audits
  • Internal management visits
  • Planned vessel maintenance
  • Safety drills
  • Joint management visits with clients