Community Development

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Annual Company Outing
Crew Outing
Crew Family Day
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Computers donated to local community
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Donation of Library books for a fishing community
Donating an early education centre( PAUD) in Karawang
Donation of safety equipment to fishermen
Educational Assistance for Children in Yogyakarta

We aim to create a socially responsible workforce who cares for the community we interact with.
Program including:

  • Staff Blood Donation Drive in cooperation with PMI DKI Jakarta
  • A Community Service Event in Desa Cemara Jaya, Karawang: “Dental Hygiene and the importance of hand washing” Organised by: sahabatWINS together with Dentists from RSGMP The Faculty of Dentistry Trisakti
  • Donation for flood victims in Garut, Jawa Barat
  • Donation of library and development of an early education centre (PAUD) in a fishing village in Karawang
  • Donation of safety equipment to improve fishermen’s safety at sea
  • Donation of computers for the administrative office of the District Head (“Lurah”) where our headquarter is located
  • Family Outing for families of staff
  • Crew Family Day for children and Spouses of our Seafarers to get acquainted and enjoy activities together
  • Funding for children in Yogyakarta through an organization named Sahabat Gloria