Company at a glance


Developed over the Company’s 50 years of history, Wintermar Offshore Marine’s track record of quality is both a source of pride and a responsibility that we are dedicated to upholding.

As a one-stop offshore marine services company, Wintermar Offshore Marine Group strives to support all types of offshore operations, offering innovative vessel and logistical solutions while improving cost effectiveness, all in an effort to increase client productivity and satisfaction. Fleet expansion has been given high priority, especially expansion into higher value segments of the offshore support vessel industry, where Wintermar Offshore Marine Group is a leading industry player in Indonesia.

Currently, Wintermar Offshore Marine Group operates a large range of Offshore Support Vessels (OSV) ready to handle a variety of jobs required to support the growing list of international oil and gas companies. Deepwater drilling in Indonesia is a relatively new development, but there is significant potential as many new oil and gas concessions are in offshore deepwater areas.

Close attention to vessel and crew quality, together with Wintermar Offshore Marine Group’s long experience in the offshore oil and gas industry, has earned the confidence of the major players in Indonesia’s offshore oil and gas industry, particularly with regard to those specialized vessels equipped with Dynamic Positioning Systems (DP1 and DP2) that are required for deepwater drilling.

Wintermar Offshore Marine Group has a fleet of over 70 Offshore Support Vessels ready for long term as well as spot charters, which are operated by experienced Indonesian crew. Using advanced information technology systems, Wintermar Offshore Marine Group’s fleet movement is tracked by satellite systems and monitored in real time by shore based Vessel Teams. Vessel inventory and maintenance is controlled by specialized software interfacing onshore and offshore operations.

In 2011, Wintermar Offshore Marine Group became the first shipping company in Indonesia to be certified with Integrated Management System by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, comprising ISO 9001:2008 (Quality), ISO14001:2004 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety).

Message of the Managing Director

Indonesia is a dynamic place to do business. Wintermar Offshore Marine holds immense potential for growth in this large archipelago, which is well underpinned by Indonesia’s strong economic growth along with governmental moves to increase oil production and promote the domestic shipping sector. As an experienced, professionally-managed company, Wintermar Offshore Marine is poised to capitalize on the developing economic environment and increasingly strong demand for offshore support services in Indonesia.

Vision and professionalism are perhaps why Wintermar Offshore Marine has successfully earned numerous contracts from major players in the oil industry. We fully understand that in complex operations, each component must stand on its own. And by understanding the needs of our clients and providing flexible marine solutions, Wintermar Offshore Marine has also gained the trust of our multinational client base

Indonesia’s cabotage law, combined with the increased activity in offshore exploration and production, has stimulated an expansion of Wintermar Offshore Marine’s operations. Our fleet has grown to over 70 vessels, with more on order. With our young and technologically sophisticated fleet, developed use of IT to interface our onshore and offshore operations, and an experienced management team with depth of marine expertise, we are poised to claim higher market share as an Indonesian company operating to international standards.

In creating and providing quality marine support services, Wintermar Offshore Marine operates with an all-encompassing principle of integrity. We believe in the importance of integrity in People, Vessels and Services; Integrity in People relates to strict compliance to QHSE standards and an ethical code, Integrity in our Fleet is evidenced by a well-maintained and unimpaired fleet, while Integrity in our Services is attained through working together as a united team across all divisions to deliver client satisfaction

This is what sets us apart—our promise of delivering quality results with integrity. As we continue on our path of growth and innovation, fulfilling the expectations of clients, employees, suppliers, investors and indeed, of the people of Indonesia, we will persist in our vision of becoming the leading operator of marine vessels within the South East Asian region.