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Wintermar bags US$20.2 million in profits in 2012
Tassia Sipahutar, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Business | Tue, April 02 2013, 11:58 AM

Shipping firm PT Wintermar Offshore Marine (WINS) reaped US$20.2 million in net profits last year, up 23.2 percent from 2011, as it intensified business in its owned vessels division.

The higher profit margin offered by owned vessels became the basis for the publicly listed company’s focus on the division, Wintermar investor relations head Pek Swan Layanto said on Monday.

“Owned vessels’ profit margins are much higher than that of chartered vessels. Owned vessels offer a rate of 45 percent, while chartered vessels offer only 2 percent to 5 percent,” she said during a telephone interview.

The higher profit margin led Wintermar to expand its fleet with the purchase of three new vessels last year, comprising two anchor handling towage supply (AHTS) vessels and one anchor handling tug. The purchases cost $48 million.

It also obtained 13 new vessels in 2011, bringing Wintermar’s total number of owned vessels at the end of 2012 to 64.

The lower use of chartered vessels was also reflected in the company’s total revenues throughout 2012. Revenues climbed slightly by 7 percent to $124.12 million from the year before.

About 52.6 percent of the revenues came from its owned vessels, followed by 36.8 percent from chartered vessels and 10.6 percent from ship management and other services.

While revenues from owned vessels surged 20.1 percent to $65.29 million, those of chartered vessels fell 12.6 percent to $45.7 million.

This year, Wintermar plans to purchase eight new vessels, worth a total of $60 million, from China, Indonesia and Singapore. The company has received three new vessels in the first quarter and is waiting for the delivery of three more vessels this month.

“The final two vessels will be delivered in the second half of the year. All the purchases are funded by our internal cash,” Pek Swan said.

One of the company’s latest new purchases is the WM Natuna, a platform supply vessel (PSV) with a capacity of 3,500 deadweight tonnage. It will operate in the Bintuni Sea in Papua to support the oil and gas industry in surrounding areas.

According to Pek Swan, the company may buy more than eight vessels in 2013, pending the outcome of several vessel tenders for large exploration projects. It expects higher demands in the oil and gas industry to boost its performance as it aims to achieve 20 percent growth. By the end of February, Wintermar had $208 million worth of total contracts on its books.

Besides higher demands in oil and gas, the implementation of cabotage rules would also benefit its business, Pek Swan said. The rules, issued by the Indonesian government in 2011, require all vessels operating within Indonesian waters to be domestically owned.

As of December 2012, Wintermar’s total assets reached $338.97 million.



Wintermar to operate new PSV vessel
Fadli, The Jakarta Post, Batam | Business | Thu, February 28 2013, 12:02 PM

An Indonesian-based shipping company PT Wintermar Offshore Marine Tbk (WINS) will operate a new type of 3,500 deadweight tonnage (dwt) platform supply vessel (PSV) to help increase oil production in the country. The WM Natuna, which has just been completed in in China, is the third PSV of total 64 vessels the ship provider operates in the country’s offshore marine industry.

Oil and gas drilling activities in Indonesia have continued to grow in accordance with the government’s efforts to push up national oil production. This has begun rapid growth in the offshore marine service industry.

The WM Natuna with 76 meters in length and 17 meters in width is equipped with a dynamic positioning (DP), a system that can determine the position of vessels through a satellite control without having to use an anchor.

Previously, WINS has hired out platform supply vessel WM Makassar operated by Conoco Philips in Natuna, Riau Islands. Meanwhile, platform supply vessel WM Sulawesi is being operated in Makassar Strait.

The WM Natuna, currently docked at ASL Shipyard Batam, will operate in the Bintuni Sea in Papua.

WINS’s head of corporate planning department, Pek Swan Layanto, said on Wednesday that the offshore marine service industry in Indonesia was projected to increase significantly due to the growth of oil and gas exploration activities in the country. Such increase came along with the government’s wish to push up national oil and gas production.

Pek Swan said that for WINS, such situation was quite interesting because it would push up business activities in the offshore marine service sector.

“This year we will buy eight more vessels with capital expenditure of US$60 million. But it could be more than that due to quite a positive trend of our businesses in the first quarter of this year,” he said.

The WM Natuna is the second vessel the offshore marine support company received in 2013 after a 330-foot ballastable offshore barge. As of January, WINS has contracts worth a total $193 million.

The WM Natuna was constructed in a Chinese dockyard owned by PT WM Offshore, a subsidiary company of WINS. The company is a joint venture between WINS and PT Meratus Line.

Thirty percent of WM Natuna operational budget will come from the stakeholders with 70 percent from international financial institutions.

PT Meratus Line’s asset director, Frank Menaro, said that currently, the WM Natuna was the most sophisticated platform supply vessel in Indonesia. The $20 million vessel had the potential to take a lead in the country’s offshore marine service foreign-based vessels have long dominated. (ebf)



Wintermar Siapkan US$ 60 Juta untuk Beli 8 Kapal Baru
BY Muhammad Rinaldi - 27 Feb 2013 Indonesia Finance Today

JAKARTA - PT Wintermar Offshore Marine Tbk (WINS), emiten jasa pelayaran, tahun ini berencana menambah delapan unit kapal baru dengan perkiraan belanja modal sekitar US$ 60 juta. Perseroan menyatakan telah menerima kapal WM Natuna. Ini merupakan kapal kedua yang diterima pada 2013 setelah sebelumnya menerima sebuah kapal Winposh 3301 ukuran 330 feet.

Pek Swan Layanto, Investor Relations, PT Wintermar Offshore Marine Tbk menyebutkan kapal yang akan dibeli adalah jenis fast utility vessels, anchor handling tugs dan utility vessels.



KAPAL MIGAS: Wintermar Operasikan "WM Natuna" seharga Rp200 miliar
Hendra Wibawa Rabu, 27 Februari 2013 | 18:50 WIB

BATAM--PT Wintermar Offshore Marine Tbk mengoperasikan secara resmi kapal ketiga platform supply vessel WM Natuna seharga Rp200 miliar yang khusus mendukung eksplorasi lepas pantai di Indonesia.

Komisaris PT Wintermar Offshore Marine (WINS) Tbk Johnson W. Sucipto mengatakan pengoperasian kapal itu untuk memenuhi kebutuhan armada platform supply vessel (PSV) yang sudah diwajibkan menggunakan bendera Merah Putih sejak Desember 2012.

"Kami satu-satunya perusahaan di Indonesia yang sudah mengoperasikan kapal PSV sebanyak 3 unit," katanya dalam kunjungan ke WM Natuna di galangan kapal ASL Ship Yard Batam, Rabu (27/2).

Johnson memaparkan pihaknya telah mengoperasikan dua kapal PSV yakni WM Makassar yang kini disewa Conoco Phillips di Natuna dan WM Sulawesi yang disewa Salamandar Energi di Selat Makassar.

Dia menambahkan pihaknya masih mengikuti sejumlah tender pada tahun ini guna mendapatkan kontrak baru pengoperasian kapal PSV itu. "Kapal ini beroperasi atas dasar kontrak perusahaan minyak seperti Chevron, BP, Conoco Phillips dan lainnya."

Johnson melanjutkan WM Natuna memiliki kemampuan mengangkut barang-barang kebutuhan pengeboran minyak di lepas pantai seperti semen, bahan cair, oli,dan lainnya.

Menurutnya, kapal itu juga dilengkapi alat penyuling air laut menjadi air tawar sehingga bisa mendukung awak kapal yang bertahan lama di tengah laut mencapai 3 bulan-4 bulan.

MW Natuna dibangun 2011 dan diklaskan di ABS Amerika Serikat dan Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI).Kapal yang dibangun di China itu sudah dilengkapi fasilitas dinamic positioning (DP) klas II yang bisa dioperasikan secara dinamis mengikuti drilling di tengah laut. (if) (