Wintermar Offshore Marine supports upstream activities of offshore oil and gas companies in exploration and development during production and post production stages. We provide this support by providing oil rigs with crew changes, towing, movement of supplies, fire fighting, emergency rescue, rig moves, anchor handling and oil storage. As operators of a variety of specialized vessels and with a present fleet size of around 65 vessels and more in the pipeline, we can cater to the wide ranging needs of oil and gas companies.

Fast Utility Vessel Anchor Handling Tug Utility Vessel
Transports crew and supplies to offshore oil platforms at a higher speed than conventional utility vessels and can be used for emergency response
Large deck space and winch capacity to pick up and reposition laybarge anchors, tow rigs
Transportation of goods and personnel to and from offshore oil platforms
ASD Tug Crew Boat Platform Supply Vessel
Tugs with ASD propellers have better maneuverability than a fixed propeller rudder system and used to berth tankers in ship to ship operations as well as in oil terminals
Carries crew, passengers and light goods from shore base to offshore installation
Transports supplies to the oil platform and returns other cargoes to shore. Have cargo tanks for drilling mud, pulverized cement, diesel fuel, potable and non-potable water, and chemicals
Oil Barge Landing Craft Diving Support Vessel
Transportation of unrefined or refined oil
Designed to berth allowing easy loading and unloading of vehicles, crew and equipment via a ramp
Used to assist divers doing inspections, construction or repairs on offshore installations
Anchor Handling Tug Supply    
Used to pull lay-large anchors or tow rigs. Trasports supplies to and from oil drilling wells. Installed own cargo tank to carry liquid mud, fuel, water and dry bulk.